Personal Home Elevator Safety Features

Personal Home Elevator Safety Features

stiltz5Whether you’re looking to install a home elevator for increased functionality or to boost the value of your home, safety is always our top priority. When you rely on the Stiltz model of in-home elevators, you are gaining a safe addition to your home. In this post, you will learn about the many systems in place to keep you and your family safe when an elevator is being built and used in your home.

In America, every Stiltz home elevator comes with a door. The door is either a half-height or full-height door. This door will not open until the elevator comes to a complete stop either at the top or bottom floor. Additionally when the elevator is built, a hole will need to be cut into the top floor. A safety lid will plug the floor upstairs keeping everyone safe.

One safety feature that can protect your family and even your pets is the safety sensor pan. Located on the top and bottom of the lift, this sensor will identify if an object has obstructed the elevator’s path. If something is in the way, the elevator will halt its movement and not resume in the direction of the obstruction until it is removed whether that’s a housecat or some object like a chair.

The Stiltz home elevator has a safety feature that also determines if the weight limit is exceeded. The Stiltz Duo Lift can carry one or two passengers for a total weight of 375 pounds while the Trio can carry up to three passengers for a total weight of 484 pounds. To keep operation completely safe, the elevator is equipped with a limit sensor that determines if the weight is exceeded. If it is, the elevator will not run until a safe weight limit has been reached.

Other safety features of the home elevator include:

  • Out of balance sensor that will prevent the lift from running if for any reason it is out of balance.
  • In the unlikely event either steel cable in the unique drive system breaks, every elevator is equipped with a fall arrest mechanism that will prevent the elevator falling.
  • If the lift travels faster than it is supposed to, your overspeed sensor will return it to safety.
  • If a power outage occurs, the lift is equipped with a backup battery.

If you have any questions about the Stiltz home elevator, please contact us today!

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