Uses for a Home Elevator you No Longer Need

Uses for a Home Elevator you No Longer Need

If there is someone in your home who has lost mobility, it is important to modify your house to make it more accessible. One great choice for allowing someone in a wheelchair to get to every floor of the house is to install a home elevator. However, when the elevator is no longer needed, it can easily sit unused.

Your home elevator does not need to be rendered useless when you no longer need it. Instead, you can repurpose it so you can get your money’s worth from it. Below are some great ways to use your home elevator after it has finished servicing its initial purpose.

Uses for a Home Elevator you No Longer Need

Laundry and Other Heavy Loads

Laundry. Anyone who runs a household can tell you that doing laundry is a never-ending process. It often seems like as soon as the week’s laundering is done, the next week’s starts. Plus, if bedrooms are on an upper floor and the washing machine is on the first floor or basement, you need to tote heavy baskets full of clothes down at least one flight of stairs. Then, once the laundry is done, you have to reverse the process by bringing the clean clothes up. Having to complete this process regularly can be cumbersome and tiring. But, if you have a home elevator at your disposal, you can use it to help you with all of the toting. You can put all of your laundry baskets in the elevator at the same time and send them down to the laundry room. This method saves you a lot of time and effort. So, you can get your laundry done in a fraction of the time without having to struggle carrying the baskets all over the house.

You can use the home elevator to reduce trips with any heavy items.

Take the Babies Upstairs

Sleeping babies should not be disturbed. Taking a baby upstairs to his or her crib can be a tricky feat. As you traverse a flight of stairs, it is easy to jostle the baby awake. Plus, you need to either hold the baby with one hand and the railing with the other or hold the baby securely with two hands and hope to not trip up the steps. Either way you choose, you are risking the safety of both you and your baby. But, if you use a home elevator, you can safely take your sleeping baby upstairs soundly and safely without having to worry about waking your sleeping child.

If you have a home elevator that you no longer need to use, you do not need to worry about it wasting space in your home. With a little ingenuity, you can find new uses for it and still let it be a part of your everyday life. If you have questions about home elevators, contact Lift and Accessibility Solutions today.


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