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Life is all about experiences. Many are willing to pay top dollar for the best in all aspects of life. Having the best things in life is a luxury many strive to have. Not all of us are in a position of acquiring luxury items to make our lives easier. Fortunately, you no longer have to be rich or live in a mansion in order to indulge in freedom of mobility. With the Stiltz lift, you can now have your own personal elevator in your home. Stairs are no longer the only option! Serving many homes in Sonoma County, residents are taking advantage of the new experience. After all, who doesn’t want a taste of the finer things in life?

About the company

Stiltz brand is the top company in home elevator installment in Sonoma County. Since their beginnings in 2010, the company has grown to offer their home elevators in various countries, while offering the same quality services and delivering their product all the same. Developed by a team of highly experienced engineers, the first model of Stiltz home elevators offers a unique functionality for a residential product. Particularly in the U.S., a new office was opened in Allentown, PA to meet the high American demand.

How is it installed?

Along with it being a luxurious addition to your home, Stiltz home elevators are installed with ease. Taking as little as two days to install, the self-sufficient appliance will be available for use in your home in no time. Don’t worry about your walls being able to take the load of your elevator as it is self-supporting and won’t need to be affixed to any walls. As far as powering the device goes, it is as simple as plugging the power cord into an outlet. Ironically, Stiltz home elevators actually run on less electricity than many home appliances; high-energy bills will not be a concern.

Can I get one?

With its unique versatility, Stiltz home elevators can be installed in various types of homes. Capable of fitting in small spaces, only seven squares of feet are needed for the elevator to be added to your home. In short, more times than not you will be able to have your own home elevator in the location of your choice. Otherwise, a separate, more suitable location will be suggested to place the elevator in your home.  Not to mention, thanks to its mobility and self-sufficiency, it is possible to take your home elevator with you if you choose to move. Such a factor only makes the decision easier to call for a quote!

stiltz5Whether you’re looking to install a home elevator for increased functionality or to boost the value of your home, safety is always our top priority. When you rely on the Stiltz model of in-home elevators, you are gaining a safe addition to your home. In this post, you will learn about the many systems in place to keep you and your family safe when an elevator is being built and used in your home.

In America, every Stiltz home elevator comes with a door. The door is either a half-height or full-height door. This door will not open until the elevator comes to a complete stop either at the top or bottom floor. Additionally when the elevator is built, a hole will need to be cut into the top floor. A safety lid will plug the floor upstairs keeping everyone safe.

One safety feature that can protect your family and even your pets is the safety sensor pan. Located on the top and bottom of the lift, this sensor will identify if an object has obstructed the elevator’s path. If something is in the way, the elevator will halt its movement and not resume in the direction of the obstruction until it is removed whether that’s a housecat or some object like a chair.

The Stiltz home elevator has a safety feature that also determines if the weight limit is exceeded. The Stiltz Duo Lift can carry one or two passengers for a total weight of 375 pounds while the Trio can carry up to three passengers for a total weight of 484 pounds. To keep operation completely safe, the elevator is equipped with a limit sensor that determines if the weight is exceeded. If it is, the elevator will not run until a safe weight limit has been reached.

Other safety features of the home elevator include:

  • Out of balance sensor that will prevent the lift from running if for any reason it is out of balance.
  • In the unlikely event either steel cable in the unique drive system breaks, every elevator is equipped with a fall arrest mechanism that will prevent the elevator falling.
  • If the lift travels faster than it is supposed to, your overspeed sensor will return it to safety.
  • If a power outage occurs, the lift is equipped with a backup battery.

If you have any questions about the Stiltz home elevator, please contact us today!

Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift & Accessibility Solutions here at a client’s home in Windsor, California, to talk a little more about the Stiltz Personal Elevator.

Now, one of the things that we said about the Stiltz is it has a smaller footprint, but what’s also important is what happens when it can leave the room. Because of the way the Stiltz is designed, when we run the Stiltz up, all we have left is a couple little stilts in the room, and we recover that whole volume in the room, as you can see the Stiltz going up and going through the ceiling. Now, I’m free to walk and move in this space and still use this space in the room. I still have view of the window out behind me, and I didn’t give up the volume in this room even though I have the ability to carry person or possessions between floors in the Stiltz Personal Elevator.

I hope this is helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the information listed below. Thank you very much.

Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift & Accessibility Solutions. I’m here at a client’s home in Windsor, California, to show you some of the features of the new Stiltz Personal Elevator. A nice feature about this elevator is it’s open car design. We’ve got a half door with a light curtain above it. So, even when we’re in the elevator, we don’t feel like we’re closed or cause claustrophobic. We have the openness into the room where we’re entering from. And yet if we’re in an upward motion, and I were to stick my hand through where I might be in danger, the car is just going to automatically stop until I withdraw my hand again.

This is just one of the many safety features and the convenience of the Stiltz Personal Elevator. If you have any questions or would like more information about them, please contact me at the address listed below. Thank you.

Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions. We’re here at a client’s home in Windsor, California where we recently installed a Stiltz Personal Elevator. Now, the personal elevators have a smaller footprint than a conventional residential elevator, but more importantly they also don’t require a shaft. So we’re not taking near as much of the volume out of a room when we put an elevator like this in the corner of the room.

When I run this elevator up, this is what makes it so special. The only thing that’s going to be left in this room are the two stilts, these triangular supports that the elevator is running up and down on. We can still look out the window, we still have the volume of room in the dining room. We can still sit down and have Thanksgiving dinner which would be next week.

I hope this is a new product that piques your interest. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the information below.

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