Five Benefits Of A Home Elevator

Five Benefits Of A Home Elevator

Do you know that until fairly recently home elevators were a luxury item for a select few? As prices of residential elevators are more affordable and technology has improved installing one at home has become quite popular across the country. People install elevators at home for numerous reasons, but these five benefits are universal to everyone interested.

  1. Increases the Value of Your Home

For many people, installing a home elevator is an added benefit when reselling their property. Many prospective buyers are attracted to homes with elevators making it a profitable investment for homeowners. These buyers may be interested in future mobility or have a family member in need of the elevator. Regardless of the explicit reason, having one can increase your home’s desirability and equity.

  1. Improve Mobility

Does anyone really enjoy carrying heavy objects up and down stairs? With a home elevator, once tiresome chores are made immediately easier. For others, climbing the stairs can be a challenging activity. By installing an elevator in your home, people confined to wheelchairs or the elderly will have no trouble accessing the higher floors. Not only is it easier to get up and down, a home elevator makes doing errands and conveying objects simpler and more efficient.

  1. Boost Space Efficient

When compared to a stairwell, elevators take up much less space. Homeowners who decide to make the investment in a home elevator are able to increase the useable square footage of their home providing more options as well as increasing the resale value. The elevator shaft only takes up a portion of the size of a staircase and if maximizing space is your top priority, elevators can be installed on the outside of the home providing more entry points.

  1. Demonstrate Style

Since residential elevators are becoming increasingly affordable and available, many homeowners are looking to them to add both a unique look to their property and increase its functionality. It could help your home set a new trend in your neighborhood by being the first to install an elevator.

  1. Improve Safety

One of the most common ways people are hurt in the homes is from the staircase. A home elevator not only protects young children and adults who are frailer, it can help everyone stay safer. There is virtually no risk to riding your residential elevator as compared to running up and down the stairs.

We hope these 5 benefits to installing a home elevator have helped you. Do you have any question? Please contact us today!

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