3 Large Reasons to Celebrate the Little Victories

3 Large Reasons to Celebrate the Little Victories

Living with a disability brings challenges. We all realize and recognize that. Challenges also create a desire to rise above and feel as though a win has been accomplished. It’s easy to get caught up in attaining what we might call “big” victories throughout the process of overcoming challenges. However, don’t underestimate the “little” victories.

It’s not always the Paralympics: Celebrate little victories

When you allow yourself to revel in the smallest of achievements, it builds your confidence. Why is confidence important? Because it creates belief that “I can do it.”

When you have a belief within that you can overcome obstacles, you gain a sense of power that snowballs over time. If you only focus on the obstacles in front of you, it’s easy to begin feeling powerless and lost.

Take the time to celebrate your next little victory in life and add another nugget to your “confidence bank”.

Multiple little victories lead to larger wins

Don’t underestimate this point. When you have a big goal in front of you, it can seem as though it’s so far away that ultimate achievement is impossible.

Instead of focusing on the larger goal, break up the big goal down into parts. Then, simply focus on the first part that must get accomplished in order to then move on to the next. A great way to do this is to think backwards. Ask yourself what you need to do right before the large goal is done. Then, what would have needed to happen prior to that? And so on…

Know the big goal is out there but don’t focus on it. Back up the process into steps. Then, simply start hacking away on that first step. Each time you finish a step, celebrate it!

Celebrating little wins changes your mood

It’s true that how you feel affects how you act. If you’re depressed because your overall goals seem too far away, it’s unlikely that you’ll do anything toward accomplishing them.

On the other hand, if you feel good, or inspired, then you’re going to take more action. Further action brings another little victory. Another small victory raises your confidence just a bit more. More confidence in yourself makes you feel more happiness…

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