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Hello, my name is Paul Harlan with Lift and Accessibility Solutions here, at a client’s home in Santa Rosa, California to talk about some of the specialty features that you can add to a stair lift. When you’re not using a stair lift, often we like to have it folded up so it’s out of the way creating more room to get by it on the stair. Folding up the arms and seat are the easiest portions. Sometimes reaching down and pulling up the footrest can be more difficult. One of the features you can add is a power folding footrest.

There are two ways that you would do this. One is to put a switch on the underside of the armrest that you could flip that would bring the footrest up when you want it to. The second and easier way is just to combine that with folding the seat up. As we fold the seat up, the footrest automatically folds up and gives us a nice, sleek profile on the stair lift out of the way leaving plenty of room for others that are traveling up and down the stairs until the lift is needed again.

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Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions, here at a client’s home in Santa Rosa, California, to talk about maintenance and cleaning of your stair lift.

Now, like everything in our home, dust will fall on a stair lift, and particularly, on the stair rails where we notice it, just like it does on any of the knick-knacks on your favorite bookcase. The difference being is that dust when the chair rides over it, actually compresses and creates little bumps in the rail and sometimes black streaks that we don’t like to look out or the feel of when we’re riding the chair lift.

To maintain that chair lift, we want to dust it whenever we’re dusting the rest of the home, and we want to clean the rail using just a basic cleaning product that you probably already use in your kitchen like a 409 or a Simply Green. I like to spray the product onto the rag and not on the rail directly. That way I’m not getting it on the wall and leaving discoloration that way, but by… On the rag and simply rubbing the rail down, just like I would any other counter, I get the dust and I get any marks that are built up onto that rail, getting it back to the natural aluminum color, and just a look that that we’re much more comfortable with, a much smoother ride. I hope this is helpful information.

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