What is a Wheelchair Lift and is it an Option for my Home or Business?

What is a Wheelchair Lift and is it an Option for my Home or Business?

Wheelchair lifts should strongly be considered for installation when designing your home if you have any family members or friends who are either currently in a wheelchair, or may have difficulty climbing stairs. Businesses should also consider installing lifts for accessibility versus ramps or elevators. Lifts are cheaper than installing elevators and are visually more appealing than ramps.

What is a Wheelchair Lift?

A wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform designed to raise and lower, allowing an individual to enter or exit residences, businesses, and vehicles. These lifts are fairly customizable to your needs, and are similar to elevators, however the car is usually open and it takes constant pressure on the control button to operate the lift. Because the car is open, lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, which makes your desired destination easily attainable.

Is a Wheelchair Lift a Good Idea for Your Home or Business?

If you use a wheelchair, moving freely around your house can be difficult and usually requires assistance when you want to get to a different level. Installing vertical lifts gives you freedom of mobility and helps you gain your independence. These lifts can be installed wherever there are stairs and can even be installed outside if you have a raised deck or porch. They are cost-effective, which makes them a cheaper alternative than an elevator, and they take up less space than ramps; wheelchair lifts are convenient and compact, offering more living space after installation than ramps would. Also, they require little renovation for your home. In addition, lifts provide a safe, smooth ride without having to leave your chair.

Wheelchair lifts are great options for churches, schools, group homes, and other small businesses to consider for easy accessibility for those who have trouble using stairs. As mentioned before, they are more affordable and require little renovation if you want to install one later on. Typically, lifts can reach heights of 14 feet and carry 750 pounds of weight. So how do you know if a lift is the right option? Well, if there isn’t enough room at the entrance for a ramp, lifts will work better since they take up less space. If your organization or business has a deck or stairs to gain access to the building, chances are you will need some form of wheelchair accessibility. Plus, if the building doesn’t have an elevator, and you need to carry heavy items from floor to floor, lifts come in handy.

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