What to Expect When Getting a Chair Lift

What to Expect When Getting a Chair Lift

For many Americans, mobility is the key to life. While most of us don’t think about it too much, the ability to move around and go wherever you want is something innate to our sense of freedom. It isn’t until our mobility is limited, either from old age, disease, or disability, that we realize how important it is. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of options for those who have limited movement, especially when it comes to your home. Where you live should be a comfortable, safe space where limited functions shouldn’t hinder your ability to enjoy life. Unfortunately, those who have mobility concerns have to adjust themselves when their home has multiple stories, as getting up and down the stairs can be difficult.

There are several options available for anyone who needs assistance with stairs. Today we’re going to discuss chair lifts in particular. A chair lift runs on a mechanized track, carrying you and possibly any other items you need up and down the stairs. The benefit of a chair lift is that it can run alongside the stairs, so it isn’t as cumbersome or intrusive as other options, like an elevator.

When considering a chair lift, you need to consider several things, cost, size, and personal needs.


Some insurance carriers can help cover the costs of installing a chair lift, so that can be an enormous relief. You need to check with your carrier and the company who makes the lift to find out what financing options are available. However, the cost of ownership isn’t just limited to installation, as lifts require routine maintenance over the years. Try to purchase a lift from a manufacturer that also provides service, for efficiency and savings.


Not all lifts are created equal. You should consider the size of the staircase, the size of the chair itself, and the size of your person. Most installers will come out to do an inspection to make sure that installing one is feasible.

Personal Needs

This is obviously going to be your top priority when deciding about a lift. Everyone has their own mobility needs, so you need to figure yours out before moving forward with installation. This can include whether or not you need a wheelchair to get around, as it will need to ride the lift with you, whether you need assistance getting in and out of the lift, and how frequently you would need to use it in the first place. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be much better prepared when it comes time to choosing a lift to meet those needs.

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