Other Uses For Stairlifts To Support An Active Lifestyle

Other Uses For Stairlifts To Support An Active Lifestyle

Hello, this Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions, talking about other uses for our stairlift. None of us like putting a stair lift in or feeling like we’re going to get old, but one of the dangers that we have as we age is balance as we’re traveling up and down the stairs. One of those issues is not just our bodies, but when we have to carry something up and down the stairs. The beauty of a stairlift is, it can do the carrying for us.

The Santa Rosa, CA client whose home I’m in today was getting ready to go on a trip. In the past, she would’ve to carry all of her items downstairs, making multiple trips up and down to pack the heavy suitcase downstairs in the living room so her husband could put it in the car to leave. Now she’s able to pack in her bedroom on her comfortable bed, bring the suitcase over to the chair lift, and let the chair lift carry the heavy suitcase and send it off to the car to leave on their trip.

Just one more thing that you’re able to do with that stairlift; all of us are carrying stuff up and down; it might just be knick-knacks and our books and may be a laptop; we’re all sending laundry up and down the stairs. All types of things that we should use the lift to do the carrying and let our body walk, where we have our best balance and stay safe on those stairs.

This is Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions. If you have any questions or comments, please attach them below. Thank you.

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