Troubleshooting a Stair Lift - How To Fix 3 Common Issues

Troubleshooting a Stair Lift – How To Fix 3 Common Issues

If you’re having or worry you may be having problems with a stair lift, then keep reading. We’ve listed some of the most common problems you’ll run into, and we’ll give you advice on how to troubleshoot these issues and get your stair lift working correctly.

Troubleshooting a Stair Lift – How To Fix 3 Common Issues

 Start By Checking Your Stair Lift Power Supply

All troubleshooting starts with the most basic step. In this case, it’s making sure your stair lift has power.

Ensure that the chairlift is plugged in. Test to make sure that the outlet is working correctly. Reset any tripped electric breakers to restore power to your chair

If the circuit your stair lift uses is constantly tripping, then you will have to reroute the chair’s power. The stair lift cannot safely function on an overloaded circuit. If you’re not sure how to properly distribute electricity to your chairlift, be sure to consult a professional.

 Stair Lift Stops Running? Check The Upper Limit Actuator Tab

If your stair lift stops running, take a look at the upper limit actuator tab. Sometimes after you’ve been using your stair lift for a long time, this component can come loose.

This is a simple problem to correct. Locate the component that regulates the upper limit of your stair lift. This can be found at the bottom of your stair lift track, at the foot of the staircase. Then, just tap the limiter back into place.

After you do this, test your stair lift again. If it’s successfully running, then you’ve solved this common problem. Good job!

 Stair Lift Still Not Running? Adjust the Upper Limit Cam Switch

You’ll also want to check the upper limit cam switch. This cam switch works with the actuator tab to limit the final positions of the stair lift.

Sometimes this cam switch can come loose and move up the track. When this happens, it knocks the upper limit actuator tab out of position (see above.)

If the problem is a loose cam switch, you’ll need to loosen the switch with a screwdriver, and set its position down about half an inch. Tighten the screw so that it won’t slip again. For a demonstration, check out this YouTube video published by Electric Scooter 4 Less and see how to fix common stair lift problems.



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