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Extreme sports are one of the fastest growing areas of sports on the planet. With everything from snowboarding and skiing to bmx biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and dirtbiking, extreme sports are a massive growing phenomenon in the sports world.

The growing popularity of extreme sports athletes and extreme sporting events like the X-games have exploded the sport to new heights. What’s been incredible is that in many ways they are very similar to the Olympics in that they have a huge community for adaptive athletes. It is absolutely incredible to see what these athletes can do on bikes, skates, and skateboards.

Many people realize that there are Olympic sporting events for adaptive athletes, but are totally unaware that there are extreme sports for adaptive athletes too.

About Adaptive Skateboarding

Jon Comer is one of the many adaptive skateboarders that has built quite the reputation in the extreme sports world. He is a below-the-knee amputee that has been crushing it in extreme sports. From the age of 10, Jon fell in love with skateboarding and never looked back. Jon, who is now 30, has been skating for six years on the Van’s Warped Tour. he is endorsed and sponsored by all kinds of skate brand companies, and has podium and placed at several professional extreme sporting events.

He has traveled the nation sharing his story with extreme sports enthusiasts and other adaptive athletes, and has even helped coach and teach other adaptive athletes on how to skate to their full potential.

The main difference that Jon notes between him and athletes that have two biological feet, is that he only has one foot to actually be able to feel the board beneath him. Skateboarding is significantly easier when you can feel the board beneath you without looking at it. In years of skateboarding, Jon has gotten really good at just being able to use instinct, instead of feel. Another thing that is really interesting about Jon is that he uses the same prosthetic that he has for walking around as he does for skateboarding. Most adaptive skateboarders will have different prosthetics for skating vs. just everyday walking, but he prefers to use the same.

Now, he uses a special prosthetic for both skating and everyday walking that has allowed him to take his athleticism to new heights. He says that with his new prosthetic, he can do tricks that he never thought were possible.

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