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Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions. I’m here to introduce you something newer to the U.S. market called a personal elevator. This happens to be a Wessex that comes out of England.

What makes something a personal elevator is the fact that it’s an elevator that doesn’t require a shaft. It’s allowing us to travel between two floors here at a home in Pacifica, California. While not happening to wall off the space permanently and either the room it’s up or down. So, as this elevator starts up and moves out of the downstairs level, you’re going to see that we can actually see the walls behind this space. And use the space, we could actually stand under that space. The volume of that air is available in the room. In a minute we’ll I’ll join you upstairs to show you what it looks like as it’s coming up.

Now we’re on the second floor of the elevator. Showing you what it looks like in the room as the elevators coming up. You can see pictures on the wall, you can see where the room had plenty of room in it. As the elevator is starting up, the elevator is going to come in and fill in a corner of the room. Allowing someone to bring a wheelchair, a scooter, maybe it’s just the suitcase that’s coming back from a trip. Coming up into that second level and just having free motion between two floors in a home. Once the elevators up we open the door and someone is able to exit.

Once that is complete if you want more room at this level you’re just going to send the elevator back down again. And, have the room to use how you would like.

If you have any questions about this that we could answer. Please feel free to contact us at the information below at the addresses below. My name is Paul Harlin with lift and Accessibility Solutions.

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