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If you’ve had your current scooter or wheelchair for a while, you’re probably accustomed to it and don’t see a reason to change. After all, you’re comfortable with how it works and how you feel in it, so what’s the rush to get something new? However, situations arise eventually where your current scooter or wheelchair may not fit your needs anymore, or where it breaks down and needs to be replaced. How do you know if it’s time for a new scooter or wheelchair? Some of the following may help you to decide: is it time for a new medical scooter or wheelchair?

1. The scooter or wheelchair is broken.

This is the most serious reason to need a new scooter or wheelchair, as it means that you can’t physically be mobile anymore until you get it replaced. Signs that your mobility device may be broken (or on the verge of breaking down) include reduced speed, inability to start, or strange noises that are coming from its engine or wheels. Before you decide to get it replaced, you should check with a technician who can confirm what the problem is, however.

2. The scooter or wheelchair is worn down.

Sometimes, even if your device isn’t actually broken, it may be worn down enough that you still want to replace it with a new one. That’s partly because being worn down shows that it’s on the way to breaking, and you’ll have to get a new wheelchair or scooter eventually anyway. Another reason is that you may just be tired of using an old device, and want something that’s newer and more comfortable. Especially when newer models come with updated features, you may find that this appeals to you more than keeping your old scooter or wheelchair.

3. You experience personal changes.

If you go through changes in a medical condition, or simply personal changes (such as weight gain or weight loss), you may require a different device that allows you to be more comfortable. For example, you may find that you need to switch from a wheelchair to a scooter, or vice versa. This can also apply to living changes, such as moving – some living spaces may not be large enough to accommodate certain scooters or wheelchairs, and as a result you may need a different model instead.

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