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If you’ve written off exercise for one reason or another, don’t give up and decide that exercise just isn’t right for you. Instead, you should look at other, innovative options out there. One of the newest and most exciting trends in exercise right now is adaptive dancing. Never heard of it? Simply put, adaptive dancing is defined as dancing that is designed for individuals with different abilities. In other words, it’s dancing for the rest of us. It’s a fun, creative way for everyone to not only enjoy their exercise time, but to get the benefits of a more healthy and active lifestyle. If you have a physical or mental disability, it’s okay: adaptive dancing was created specifically with you in mind. What do I mean? Well, here’s what you should know:

Adaptive Dancing is For Everyone, Regardless of Dancing Ability

Unless you’re one of the few that started dancing at an early age and continued ever since, you probably stopped thinking about being a “real” dancer right around your tenth birthday. That’s okay. Adaptive dancing’s purpose is to get you to move and enjoy it while it’s happening. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance–you start at your own ability level and work from there. As long as you’re having fun, your talent doesn’t matter!

Adaptive Dancing is For Everyone, Regardless of Age

Since differentiation is a cornerstone of adaptive dancing, then it should be no surprised that it’s open to all ages. Children, seniors, and everyone in between can benefit from healthy motion, and that’s what adaptive dancing is all about.

Adaptive Dancing is For Everyone, Regardless of Physical Ability

In a program with a lot of great things going for it, it’s hard to say “this is the best part,” but, this part might be. Because the program can be adapted in an endless number of ways to meet a dancer’s needs, there’s no reason think that anyone would not be able to participate or benefit from a program like this!

If you are intrigued by adaptive dancing and want to know more, a quick Google search can probably put you in touch with one or more programs in your area.

Aging can be scary for some as they start to become more aware of their fragility and mortality. With modern science, however, people have been able to live longer and enjoy their lives for more years than their parents and their parents’ parents could. These days, the older people get, the more they seem to find hobbies that are fun. Dancing is a great hobby with mental and physical benefits.

Dancing can be a great stress relief and it can give seniors the energy they need to go about their days hopeful and bright. Here we will explore the benefits of dancing and its contribution to enriching the lives of the elderly.

Dancing comes with a world of benefits. For elderly people who dance on a consistent basis, studies show they can improve their overall health. With dancing, they can improve their balance, which helps them reducing the risk of fractures, immobility and falls. Dancing is even known to increase the elderly’s walking speed.

Dancing can improve the elderly’s agility and flexibility, as well as increase their strength. Because dancing has the same benefits as swimming or bicycling, it can help older people stay fit and active while helping them increase strength in their muscles and bones.

With a metabolism that slows down with age, dancing is one of the best ways to get exercise that can help elderly people maintain a weight that is healthy. Dancing can increase the metabolism and even help prevent disease according to some studies.

While there are many physical benefits of dancing at an older age, there are emotional benefits as well. With age, sometimes people become sad in fear of their own death, or in mourning of the deaths of those around them. With depression increasing in the elderly population, dance can help relieve stress or a feeling of loneliness.

In Santa Rosa, CA there are a number of dance studios that offer classes. Arthur Murray Dance Studio, California Ballroom, Nordquist Dance Studio, and Just Dance Swing Ballroom are among the studios that provide ballroom dance lessons.

Getting old does not have to mean that your life stops. In fact, it can mean a new lease on life where you do the things that make you happy and healthy. If you are in the Santa Rosa area and are considering dance lessons, you have many options to choose from.

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