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Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift & Accessibility Solutions here at a client’s home in Windsor, California, to talk a little more about the Stiltz Personal Elevator.

Now, one of the things that we said about the Stiltz is it has a smaller footprint, but what’s also important is what happens when it can leave the room. Because of the way the Stiltz is designed, when we run the Stiltz up, all we have left is a couple little stilts in the room, and we recover that whole volume in the room, as you can see the Stiltz going up and going through the ceiling. Now, I’m free to walk and move in this space and still use this space in the room. I still have view of the window out behind me, and I didn’t give up the volume in this room even though I have the ability to carry person or possessions between floors in the Stiltz Personal Elevator.

I hope this is helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the information listed below. Thank you very much.

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