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Stiltz: The Affordable Home Elevator

Life is all about experiences. Many are willing to pay top dollar for the best in all aspects of life. Having the best things in life is a luxury many strive to have. Not all of us are in a position of acquiring luxury items to make our lives easier. Fortunately, you no longer have to be rich or live in a mansion in order to indulge in freedom of mobility. With the Stiltz lift, you can now have your own personal elevator in your home. Stairs are no longer the only option! Serving many homes in Sonoma County, residents are taking advantage of the new experience. After all, who doesn’t want a taste of the finer things in life?

About the company

Stiltz brand is the top company in home elevator installment in Sonoma County. Since their beginnings in 2010, the company has grown to offer their home elevators in various countries, while offering the same quality services and delivering their product all the same. Developed by a team of highly experienced engineers, the first model of Stiltz home elevators offers a unique functionality for a residential product. Particularly in the U.S., a new office was opened in Allentown, PA to meet the high American demand.

How is it installed?

Along with it being a luxurious addition to your home, Stiltz home elevators are installed with ease. Taking as little as two days to install, the self-sufficient appliance will be available for use in your home in no time. Don’t worry about your walls being able to take the load of your elevator as it is self-supporting and won’t need to be affixed to any walls. As far as powering the device goes, it is as simple as plugging the power cord into an outlet. Ironically, Stiltz home elevators actually run on less electricity than many home appliances; high-energy bills will not be a concern.

Can I get one?

With its unique versatility, Stiltz home elevators can be installed in various types of homes. Capable of fitting in small spaces, only seven squares of feet are needed for the elevator to be added to your home. In short, more times than not you will be able to have your own home elevator in the location of your choice. Otherwise, a separate, more suitable location will be suggested to place the elevator in your home.  Not to mention, thanks to its mobility and self-sufficiency, it is possible to take your home elevator with you if you choose to move. Such a factor only makes the decision easier to call for a quote!

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