Stair lifts: They’re More Versatile Than You Think

Stair lifts: They’re More Versatile Than You Think

Everyone’s familiar with stair lifts as helpful devices that allow people with difficulty walking to be able to ascend and descend the stairs in their home. A stair lift is a chair with an electronic mechanism that pulls it (and its occupant) up or down a flight of stairs, and is especially helpful for people with a physical disability or illness, such as arthritis, to be able to continue living in a home that has stairs, even if they are unable to walk up or down without assistance.

However, what few people recognize is that stair lifts can be used to move more than just people – in fact, they are incredibly versatile and helpful for people who struggle to ascend or descend a flight of stairs for any reason. Take a look at the various ways a stair lift can be used in a home, besides just for helping move people:

  1. Travel

Homeowners who live upstairs can use the stair lift to move luggage when traveling and avoid the risk of falling down the stairs with a heavy bag.

  1. Groceries

If you store food in a cellar or pantry that is at the bottom of a flight of stairs, you can use the stair lift to help you with heavy grocery bags that may otherwise be too much for you to handle.

  1. Pets

People aren’t the only ones whose joints may not allow them to move between floors in a house. Stair lifts can help animals that are old or sick get upstairs or downstairs more easily, which is especially helpful if they have to get between a place where they sleep, eat, and use the restroom.

  1. Decorating

A stair lift can help you hang tinsel or ornaments in those hard to reach places along a banister or on the side of a flight of stairs, which you may otherwise not be able to get to in time for the holiday season.

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