Spring Activities For People With Disabilities

Spring Activities For People With Disabilities

Spring has arrived and that means it’s time to head to the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine. Having a disability certainly won’t limit your fun this spring. There are lots of great activities you can do. Here are a few great ones!

Spring Activities For People With Disabilities


Head outdoors and play your guitar. What better way to enjoy a lovely spring day than a jam session, alone or with others. Put out your hat and you might get a few tips from passersby.



Nothing says “spring” like a new vegetable garden. These days, gardening can be adapted for people with disabilities. Think about planting a vertical garden, and use modified garden tools to do it! Pick any wall in a bright and sunny location, and you can easily convert it into a vertical garden with hanging containers. You’ll love being in the great outdoors, and you’ll have peas and potatoes before you know it!

Have a spring scavenger hunt

Choose a safe, open place and hide goodies. Then, everyone uses a list to find objects on that list. The team with the shortest time finding everything wins! This is a great way to do a fun-filled all-inclusive activity.

Have your own Olympics

We just finished the Winter Olympics and the paralympic games are happening right now. Who says you can’t host your own Games? Have every participant pick his or her own skill—whatever they do best—and have each person perform it. Go to a party supply store or trophy shop to buy medals for awards. Or you can have your own joke Olympics or silly Olympics where the best joke or silly antic wins! This is a great outdoor activity that boosts social interaction.


So many physical activities can be adjusted to your disability, so take advantage of the spring weather to get in gear. Go swimming, play volleyball or take a group exercise class. Whatever you choose, get out there and get active! You might even think about having a good, old-fashioned group tug-of-war competition, just do it on a soft surface to avoid injury.

There is a sea of possibilities out there this spring, and there is also more than one fish in the sea, as they say. Don’t limit yourself to just one activity! Get out there and start having fun! Disabilities don’t have to slow you down.

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