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Mobeli Portable Grab Bars

Mobeli portable grab bars provide assistance anywhere in your home or while traveling. The strong suction adheres to most smooth surfaces. Because the Hand-Grip portable grab bars are not screwed into the surface, they are perfect for renters, traveling or visiting. You can easily attach a Mobeli grab bar to marble, glass, tile, or any surface that may be damaged by drilling holes.

An innovative safety feature unique to the Mobeli is the safety indicator on each bar. When the rocker is flat to the lever, the suction is adequate for the load, when the warning rocker rises and the red edge shows, then release and reattach the suction pad. The rocker can be both seen and felt for the site impaired.

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Mobeli portable grab bars consists of two or more suction cups with release levers on the grab bar. The suction housing and bar are high tensile plastic components, suction pads are natural rubber and all metal parts are stainless steel. Parts are easily disassembled, lightweight and take little space for travelers.

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Due to the vacuum suction generated by the discs, the grab bar can only be attached to smooth and non-porous surfaces, which are pore – and steam-tight, dry and free of oils and grease. On rough or porous surfaces, the vacuum hold diminishes or does not exist at all. All tiles are not necessarily smooth and steam-tight, test your surface first. Using the grab bar under water or in extreme temperatures (such as a sauna) reduces the suction power. The minimum area for each suction cup for adhesion is 5”x’5”. The use of Handi-Grip portable grab bar is not recommended on dry wall.

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