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Guldmann Overhead Lifts


The Guldmann ceiling mounted hoist system consists of a wide range of lifting units, rail components, and a complete assortment of lifting slings and accessories. When considering an overhead lifting system, Lift & Accessibility Solutions meets with you to discuss where the individual needs to be lifted, i.e. wheelchair to bed, bed to bathtub and/or toilet, or even in the living room or therapy room. Once these points have been determined, Lift and Accessibility Solutions provides a drawing of the house layout and shows where the rails would be in each room along with a quote for the project.

When a continuous overhead track system is desired, Lift & Accessibility Solutions  can make the necessary door modifications to allow a seamless transition between rooms. Some installations take less than a day, others may take longer.  But you can be assured that from the time of evaluation, installation and instruction by a Registered Nurse your project will be perfect and work well to help you either move yourself or your loved one in safety.

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