Personal Home Elevator Installation Windsor, CA

Personal Home Elevator Installation Windsor, CA

Hello, my name is Paul Harlin with Lift and Accessibility Solutions. We’re here at a client’s home in Windsor, California where we recently installed a Stiltz Personal Elevator. Now, the personal elevators have a smaller footprint than a conventional residential elevator, but more importantly they also don’t require a shaft. So we’re not taking near as much of the volume out of a room when we put an elevator like this in the corner of the room.

When I run this elevator up, this is what makes it so special. The only thing that’s going to be left in this room are the two stilts, these triangular supports that the elevator is running up and down on. We can still look out the window, we still have the volume of room in the dining room. We can still sit down and have Thanksgiving dinner which would be next week.

I hope this is a new product that piques your interest. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the information below.

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