Decorating Around Your Stair or Chair Lift

Decorating Around Your Stair or Chair Lift

For many people, their home is an expression of themselves. People will put hours and hours of work into decorating their house so that it looks exactly as they want it, because they feel that it reflects their personality for themselves as well as for visitors to see. As a result, when it comes to installing a stair or chair lift, people are often skeptical of the idea because they think they’ll mar the decorating scheme of their home. After all, lifts are rather large contraptions that take up a good amount of space around your staircase, which makes it difficult to deny that they will be noticed by whoever visits – as well as clearly visible to your own eyes. However, having a lift installed and maintaining the decorating scheme of your home are not mutually exclusive. It’s possible to integrate your lift into the design that you’ve established elsewhere. Here are a few tips for decorating around your stair or chair lift.

1. Think about color

The first thing that will stand out to anyone about your stairlift is its color, which can often contrast starkly with that of the walls or the staircase itself. As a result, try to either pick your lift color around what is already in your home, or decorate your home to match the color of the lift. This can be difficult if the lift is bright white, but in cases like this, you can use complementary colors such as a medium shade of blue or a deep burgundy shade of red. That way, your lift stands out for its color, but in a way that looks coordinated rather than clashing.

2. Decorate to distract

In the area where you will have the lift, try a busier design to take attention away from the lift itself. This could mean hanging portraits along the wall next to the staircase, adding potted plants on alternating steps, or otherwise including a number of different elements to distract wandering eyes.

3. Show it off

This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to design around your stairlift is to make it part of your decoration – and, in fact, to make it the centerpiece. For example, a stairlift that is shown clearly curving around a staircase through plain wooden stairs and glass side barriers will be more appealing than one that is half-hidden but still pretty obvious.

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