The Benefits of Inter-generational Interactions

The Benefits of Intergenerational Interactions

Making sure that you have great relationships with people outside your peer and age group are not only a lot of fun, but are also really beneficial for your mental, emotional, and social health. Just as there are tons of health and social benefits of engaging with your peers.

At first thought, both youths and seniors may find the idea of mingling strange, but there are actually a lot of social, health, and interpersonal benefits of just this kind of intergenerational interaction. After trying it, many people of both age groups find it a remarkably enjoyable experience.

The Benefits of Intergenerational Interaction

As we make further advances in health science and medicine, people are living longer, which means that we are seeing tremendous growth in retired populations and senior living. With that, there is a huge disconnect that is naturally growing between younger and older generations.

Intergenerational programming is an official way to describe the organized events that take place between seniors and youngsters to form fun and meaningful relationships. There is so much that kids can learn from seniors, and plenty that seniors can get out of spending time with children.

Benefits of Intergenerational Interaction for Seniors and Older Adults

The quality of life for a senior raises dramatically when getting the opportunity to have fun with children on a structured basis. They get the opportunity to read to, teach, and interact with children while having some fun as well. This gets seniors and older adults up and moving so that they can burn some calories and get a little more activity during their day.

Seniors and older adults get the opportunity to learn more about technology and inventions of today from their younger companions. It gives seniors and older adults an enjoyable and engaging way to build relationships outside of their peer group, which helps stimulate brain wave activity and improve their memory.

Benefits of Intergenerational Interaction for Kids

The opportunity for kids and children to spend time with older generations has shown improvement in communication skills and social interactions within and outside of their peer group. It also helps kids with their critical thinking and problem solving capabilities, which can potentially raise test scores. This opportunity gives the kids positive role models to interact with which significantly lessens their chances of abusing drugs and/or dropping out of school.

Overall, intergenerational interactions are a great way to build enjoyable relationships, healthier individuals of all age groups, and stronger communities.

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